Insulation is any material used to reduce or "slow down" or "resist" the flow of energy. There are several different types of insulators: Thermal insulators reduce the flow of heat. Electrical insulators reduce the flow of electricity. Acoustical insulators reduce the flow of sound. A material may insulate well in more than one way. Some materials, such as diamond, are superb insulators in one way (electrical), but extremely poor insulators in another way (thermal).
Thermal Insulation: Thermal Insulation is the method used to help prevent or reduce the flow of heat
Acoustic Insulation: Soundproofing a material or equipment to insulate it from the disturbances caused by external sound sources
Hot Insulation: Common materials used are Rockwool, Calcium Silicate
Cold Insulation: Polyurethane, PIR, FiberTec®
Dual Use Insulation: Perlite, Foamglas®